About Me

Eugenia, from a creative family made her first pair of shoes from cardboard as a child. After work experience as a 15 year old she continued learning, inspired by the diversity of the trade.

In the early 1990's she begun her shoemaking under the guidance of a number of skilled craftspeople including Bulgarian Master Shoemaker George Koleff and the author of shoemakingbook.com Tim Skyrme. 

At Eugenia's atelier in Glenelg South, Adelaide she is making humbly crafted one off shoes for individual customers, the limited bespoke element of the process adding a connection and joy to the final product.

Each of the 80 plus techniques and procedures are done by hand with a high level of attention to detail using carefully selected leathers and materials.

Using a distinct eye for symmetry and refinement her aim is to make beautiful footwear.

After an initial design is collaborated with the client, Eugenia carefully adapts a last (foot form), creates one off patterns and clicks (cuts out) the leather. Pulling the stitched upper over the last brings the form to life. After a fitting, heels and soles complete the shoes.

"I get lost in it, lost to it..."

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